• Introduction
    • In today's world, the internet is everywhere, and hyperlinks are migrating from computer screens to the real world. Paperlinks makes it easy to create these real world links, and share them with friends on the go. With Paperlinks, enjoy all the advantages of beautifully printed cards, combined with the interactivity of the web, resulting in greater convenience and richer communications.
    • Why Use Paperlinks
    • Paperlinks combines the best of traditional communication with cutting-edge digital interaction through the Paperlinks smartphone app. Turn each invitation, announcement, holiday card into a unique social experience with a personalized landing page that can be accessed by scanning a custom QR (quick response) code with the Paperlinks smartphone app. Share pictures and videos, rsvp to events, save dates to your calendar, add phone numbers to your contacts, retrieve a map to the event and make comments. The possibilities are endless.
    • How It Works
    • Setting up a Paperlink is simple. Select "enable Paperlink" in "Choose options", step 3 of the personalization process. Complete your card order and click on the "Paperlink" link in your order confirmation email. The Paperlinks micro-site makes it easy to create your own optimized mobile site with pictures, videos, event information and more. Friends and family will receive your beautiful customized card with a QR code printed on the back. Recipients simply scan the Paperlink with their smartphone app to view your digital content. Add a layer of fun to your card today!
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How Paperlinks Works